Most popular Office Furniture in our showroom 2020 | Kalico

In 2020, we saw a large amount of businesses start up! Many with a desire for a professional office set up! As the year closes we wanted to go over what office furniture stood out the most in our showroom this year!

  1. Single Person Desk

Our best performer this year! With a high influx of people forced to work from home, during this Covid-19 pandemic we’ve noticed a high increase in desk setups that fit in the home! Here are our most popular desks displayed in our showroom.

  • The first image, our Ergo Hq E.O.S Open Benching System, single person set-up desk. A sleek modern look with metal legs for durability and strength. The E.O.S series is affordable industry grade furniture!
  • The second image, our L shape desk set up! Popular with those that need a larger work space. available in a variety of colors and finishes.
  • The third image, our nordstar BOSS desk. Another desk made to last long. Boss uses high quality materials and offers more than one finish!

2. The Executive Desk With Credenza and Hutch

Affordable, durable, and modern. This desk is popular for multiple reason, The Boss line truly speaks for itself.

3. Office Chairs

We have a variety of office chairs in our showroom. This year, 2020, it seems modern looking chairs are getting more attention than ever. Ergo HQ made a huge impact with their affordable options, and innovative designs.

  • The first image is The Spine Task Chair, truly an attention grabber. A ergonomic chair that is meant to improve posture and work quality focusing on movement and comfort. Not to mention the unique spine build that many ask about.
  • The second image is the Syn-X Chair, a modern looking chair with smooth yet aggressive lines. Catching the attention of many looking for a contemporary office set up.
  • The third image is The Kairo Mesh Chair + Headrest, Affordable and durable! Many have left with this chair because of all its function and high quality material used. Not to mention the amazing affordable price of just $159 on sale now for $125.