4 Ways COVID Drastically Changed The Common Work Life

The impact this pandemic has created will shape the way we move forward in the workplace. We’ll cover 4 major ways Covid-19 has permanently changed the common work routine that many are used to.

  1. Working from home – Many people took on the challenge of working from home! Some believe its a luxury to be able to clock in 5 feet away from their bed, while others believe its too hard a task and impossible to focus. Either way, many invested in a proper computer and desk set up. Many office furniture companies much like ours (Kalico Office Furniture) we’re offering specials for those in need of an at home desk setup!

Having the goal be to offer a affordable option so all can work from home. Even after the pandemic passes, many workers will capitalize on the fact that they were productive at home, and make it apparent to their employers, furthermore many employers will keep their employees at home to minimize or completely remove the cost of rent.

2. Goodbye Commercial Real Estate? – Many business owners are shutting down their office operations or downsizing to a smaller office, but not because they’re going under. These businesses realized that they can run their company with all their employees at home! It makes the owners seriously consider shutting down to avoid paying one of the highest over heads that at times can be the rent it self. However with the decreasing demand in commercial real estate.

3. Video Conferences – The majority of common office space workers have had to host or join a zoom call at some point. Making a large portion of computer illiterate workers have to saddle up to the task of becoming more tech efficient. The eyeopener is realizing how much everyone could still get done from their bedrooms while being in their pjs, or only having half a wardrobe on!

4. Office Life – For those businesses that continue to work from an office. They face the harsh regulations and precautions that come from the pandemic. These regulations vary for most businesses but many are universal such as these essential items being required in the workplace: sneeze guard, Social Distancing, and Masks! We offer many innovative solutions to these problems.

The goal is to make safety affordable for all! That way we can all move forward during these tough times.